• Quality Quartz of America, Inc. is the only manufacturer of Clear-Strates™. Because of the exceptional grade of quartz used and our unique manufacturing processes, we feel that these fiber support products are truly of superior quality to other substrates on the market.

Machined vs. Fused?

  • Clear-Strates™ are smooth and totally fused. This is in great contrast to the other machined products available to the industry. Anytime a glass, such as quartz, is scored (or machined in this case) it creates a stress point in that material. A machined substrate will have many stress points. This makes it prone to easy breakage, whether caused by handling or by the expansion and contraction of epoxies affixed onto the groove area. Our Clear-Strates™ virtually eliminate the risk and concern of breakage which is especially crucial once they are completely assembled into a passive component. Since replacing a finished component can be costly, the choice of which type of substrate to use is obvious - Clear-Strates™.

  • The following illustrations demonstrate some typical Clear-Strate™ designs, which can be manufactured to your specifications. Special, custom designs and tight tolerances are also available. Just send us a print or drawing for a prompt quotation, or contact us for more information.
  • "The Diamonds of the Industry"™


  • Typical tolerances:
    OD      +/-0.10mm
    SW      +/-0.10mm
    SWT    +/-0.10mm
    SWB    +/-0.10mm
    TK        +/-0.10mm
    L           +/-0.25mm

    Size Ranges:
    1mm to 3.5mm OD and W
    5MM to 100MM Lengths

  • Typical tolerances:
    OD     +/-0.10mm
    ID       +/-0.10mm
    L         +/-0.25mm

    Size Ranges:
    <1mm to 8mm OD's
    Typically ID is 1/3 of OD
    5mm to 100mm Lengths

  • Typical tolerances:
    W      +/-0.10mm
    TK     +/-0.10mm
    L        +/-0.25mm

    Size Ranges (Square):
    1mm x 1mm
    2mm x 2mm
    3mm x 3mm

    Size Ranges (Rectangular):

    1mm TK x 2mm W
    1mm TK x 3mm W
    2mm TK x 3mm W
  • Material
  • Quality Quartz uses special, high grade QQ 319 fused quartz, which offers impressive, inherent qualities such as durability, dimensional stability and structural integrity. QQ 319 fused quartz has become the material of choice for fiber support products.

Properties of Preference & Performance

  • QQ 319 fused quartz demonstrates the most favorable properties in comparison to other common industrial materials available. Perhaps one of the most important is its extremely low coefficient of expansion. This makes the material particularly useful in critical fiber optic applications, which require a minimum sensitivity to thermal changes.

  • As indicated above, QQ 319 fused quartz not only offers the lowest coefficient of thermal expansion and index of refraction, its properties match the closest to that of the optical fiber itself. When determining which fused fiber support to use, the choice is clear - Clear-Strates™.

  • Material Handling and Cleaning

  • QQ 319 fused quartz requires proper handling and storage in order for the material to maintain its innate qualities. Our Clear-Strates™ are cleaned and carefully packed at the factory, and should always be kept covered, in their original container, until ready for use. They should always be protected from dirt and moisture, which could effect the purity and performance of the material.
  • Clear-Strates™ should always be handled with clean, white cotton gloves - NEVER latex gloves. Human hands should also never handle them since oils and sodium in the skin will contaminate the material.
  • In the event that Clear-Strates™ need to be re-cleaned, we recommend using the following procedure (Remember to always be careful when handling parts, since the ends may chip if hit up against a hard surface):
    • 1. Gently place parts into a stainless steel pot.
      2. Fill with de-ionized or distilled water to about 1" over the pieces and add a small amount of mild degreasing agent.
      3. Place pot on a burner with medium heat.
      4. Bring up to a medium boil then remove from burner.
      5. Rinse thoroughly, several times, with de-ionized or distilled water.
      6. Dry in oven at 200° F or rinse parts in 100% Acetone and allow to air


    We, at Quality Quartz, are happy to answer any of your questions or concerns involving the proper handling and cleaning of our Clear-Strates™. Please always feel free to contact us.

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