• Quality Quartz of America, Inc. manufactures fused quartz cores for the Aerospace and Commercial Investment Casting Industries. Our state-of-the-art technology enables us to fabricate the most delicate, intricate parts to the toughest, most durable components.

  • We offer configurations not readily available anywhere else, tailored to your exact specifications. QQAI is proud of the fact that they were an innovator in developing a hollow race track shape, along with other hollow geometric shapes never manufactured before. These unique hollow shapes allow for quicker and easier leachability of the core, than do solid shapes.

  • We have also made considerable accomplishments in other manufacturing industries. By creating cores to precisely match the difficult dimensions and contours of certain parts, we have enabled several companies to save time and money by converting to the investment casting process as opposed to the much-involved machining methods previously used. To request a quote online please visit our quote page.



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